the blog:

joe roy eats best is a Chicago-based blog with a emphasis on thoughtful food writing.

If you’d like to contribute your opinion to that of the ones presented here, please leave a comment.  Feedback is welcome and appreciated.  If you have any suggestions for upcoming posts, please leave it in the comments or send an email using the form below.

joe roy eats best reserves the right to edit or censure any comments that may be considered offensive, salacious, or libelous. Solicitations are NOT welcome.

the author:

Joe Roy is a twenty-something Indiana transplant with the good fortune to have moved to Chicago, where food is serious business.  Joe lives to eat and is always planning his next meal (even in the midst of the one at hand).   He has recently come to terms with his deep love of sandwiches– previously thought to have fallen subject to domestication and ‘artisanal’ overpopulation by coffee and specialty sandwich shops– though not in the traditional sense.  Hot dogs, tacos, Italian subs, and toast piled high with eggs, potatoes, bacon, gravy, and hot sauce are all obsessions.  If he is cooking, it is most likely in his cast iron skillet, Steve, and if he is eating, it is on the streets of Chicago or the surrounding area.

Joe would like to thank Helen (his wife and editor) and Jules (his roasted-anything-loving one year old daughter), whose company makes his eating adventures worth taking.

All text and photographs used throughout joe roy eats best are the exclusive property of its author.  If you would like to use either, please send an email asking for permission.  Linking, of course, is welcome and encouraged.


2 responses to “About

  1. Elizabeth

    Have you tried the smoked pork pancake with hoisin at Ed’s Potsticker? I believe it is easily one of the best sandwiches in town, but is often not classed as such. Do you have a personal definition of “sandwich”?

  2. @Elizabeth: Thanks for stopping by the site! I haven’t been to Ed’s Potsticker yet, although it is on my short list for the summer. Any other places I should check out?

    I have a very loose definition of sandwich: A filling between a breadlike base. Open or close face, white, wheat, or tortilla, they’re all sandwiches to me. I think my biggest criteria for a successful sandwich is balance. The smoked pork pancake w. hoisin sauce definitely sounds like something I should check out. Thanks for the tip!

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